Until now, Simunitions have almost exclusively been available only to Law Enforcement and Military or Federal Government personnel for training. Certified Simunitions of Cincinnati Ohio founded by Matt Ramsey – US Army Veteran, and Brent Neiger have put together training using simunitions for everyday people to get certified for their Ohio Concealed Carry permits, and we offer our hand tailored “Urban Essentials Handgun” Course that takes the beginner to intermediate shooter through first the fundamentals (Grip, Stance, Alignment, Posture) and then the 4 Tiers of handgun skills
-Static Sight Shooting
-Walking and Shooting
-Transition to Multiple Targets
-Shot String and Rapid Trigger Pulls

Get these skills only with Certified Simunitions at Americana Event Center 10 W. Benson St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

At traditional firing ranges you are limited to FLAT RANGE shooting Only! With Certified Simunitions, you have no limits and using Simunitions Non-Lethal Ammunitions, it is safe and guaranteed to advance your knowledge and skills!