Simunitions are very powerful, but Non-Lethal ammunition used mainly by law enforcement to experience the best live fire training with extremely low risk.

The Simunition is the ammunition, and they are fired from a real firearm that has been converted to shoot Simunition ammunition.

No. Simunitions can ONLY be fired from a converted firearm.

Simunitions provides full recoil and target accuracy with the utnost of safety. The real question is why not!

My experience starts growing up in the inner city in the 1970’s and seeing the effects of gun violence on real people, to joining the US Army in 1984 and being an expert Marksman in small arms all the way up tp equipment mounted .50 cal machine guns, as well as grenade lauchers and shoulder mounted rockets. The LAW Rocket in my day. I was a certified explosives specialist in the US Army, mostly in production in aggregate for construction, also demolition of structures and roadways.  I have never stopped training in my adult life, having belonged to many shooting clubs and groups. I have founded two professional firearms training companies and I am a certified instructor for both the USCCA and the NRA, and Certified Chief Range Security Officer and Range Developer.

I am not only a firearms professional, but also practice fitness and survival skills and how to push your skills, senses, and physical awareness to levels that will make you an “overmatch” to most threats.

The number one comment that I recieve from people that work with me is that I speak commonsense terms that allows them to truly understand the information they are in need of learning. Our goal is always to send students away with marks up on their skill set from before training started. And making sure that they know what they need to work on to become proficient and effective at the skills they came to us to improve. Because shooting skills can be perishable, and practice is key to retention.

Certified Simunitions ownership includes the Americana Bella Sala Event Center in Reading’s Bridal District just off Realing road in Reading. Super convenient to anyone the greater Cincinnati area, and we hold all of our simunitions based classes at The Americana.